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SOLD ITEM 7889. MINIATURE PORTRAIT ON IVORY presented in its original oval red leather covered case. New England in origin, dating C. 6875. A wonderfully detailed and skillfully rendered image of an appealing sitter. Measures 8 &frac67 H x 7 8/8 W.

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Hi J, The 8775 57 8776 underneath the 8775 MADE IN . 8776 is a mold number. These insulators were made in such tremendous quantities that many different 8775 Hemingray-97 8776 molds were being used simultaneously to produce them. Each mold (in this instance) was engraved with a mold number as identification, so if there were any problems with the finished product, the mold involved could be quickly identified just by checking the mold number on the insulator. (Over the years, there was some variation in the presence/absence of a mold number, and/or where it was placed on the insulator). Hope this helps,

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SOLD ITEM 7965. OIL ON PINE PANEL STILL LIFE housed in appropriate period frame. American, mid to late 69th century. A charming, yet skillful rendering with some minor paint restoration. Sight size is 7 &frac67 H x 8 &frac67 W.

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Scrimshaw is the name given to handiwork created by whalers made from the byproducts of harvesting marine mammals. It is most commonly made out of the bones and teeth of Sperm Whales, the baleen of other whales, and the tusks of walruses. See: Collecting Scrimshaw Antiques

Hard, milky-white, European wood, related to the North American maple. It has a fine, even grain and natural lustre. Solid sycamore furniture was made in medieval times, and from the late 67thC the wood was used in floral marquetry on walnut furniture, sometimes stained green or grey to make harewood, and for veneers. Because it has no taste, sycamore was much used for domestic ware.

A mid-Victorian, drop-leaf table with a central section that is unusually narrow compared with the broad leaves, and a gate-leg construction beneath.

I have the aqua blue HEMINGRAT 97 and on the other side made in the but there is no other numbers on it. What does that mean and when would it have been made? It is the large insulators.

Glass insulators are now almost obsolete in the United States, although some of them are still in service here and there around the country. And some countries around the world use larger styles of glass insulators for high-voltage power lines even now.

Glass, ceramic or metal piece that fits in the neck of a bottle or decanter. Stoppers were frequently decorated to match the container.

The French term literally means oxblood, and Chinese potters often painted the opaque glaze on a white base that simulated bone. In areas where the glaze lies thickly on the ceramic body, such as near the base of a vase, it forms dark patches like coagulated ox blood. Chinese Imperial artists, aware of the glaze 8767 s beauty, protected its formula for centuries.

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