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This face mask is used to nourish and hydrate the skin whist regulating your skin’s oiliness. What you need to prepare is one tablespoon banana, the similar amount of yogurt, 5 drops of peppermint essential oil, and a half of tablespoon clay. In order to use this mask, you should mix all these ingredients together until getting a smooth paste. Apply this mask to your face and neck skin, also avoid your eyes area. Then, leave that mixture on your face for 75 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with cool water. Take advantage of this face mask once per week to get best result. 5. Face Mask With Lemon, Clay, And Strawberries

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All remedies are here to get rid of of pimple and pimple you need any specific help, then you have to explain your problem

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i have pimples the light ones on my face and really wanna get rid of it..
i have been using lemon juice for 6 week but have seen the difference so far
plz help

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Basically, orange peel contains retinol that aids in skin renewal. It also stimulates collagen production and helps to repair and rebuild the elastin fibers in your cells. Thus, orange peel is a wonderful natural home remedy for curing acne and acne scars.

I recommend everyone to use this for controlling pimples. It shows results within no time. To be on the safe side, people with very sensitive skin can consult a doctor before using it.

McDougall states, "A high-fat diet increases the amounts of fats in and on the skin (sebum). With extreme changes in food intake such as almost total avoidance of fat (like the McDougall diet) or inclusion of fat as the sole source of food, the amount of sebum production has been found to be greatly altered." He also notes that a high-fat diet causes poor circulation, and greasy/oily fingers on skin directly contributes to acne by plugging pores and feeding bacteria.

That same study also attributed milk and dairy products to promoting acne just like countless other accounts, like those from Dr. Loren Cordain and Dr. Batya Davidovici and Dr. Ronni Wolf.

Many doctors and nurses that work with patients that have been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer such as, phyllodes tumors , pancreatic cancer, or mesothelioma , suggest adopting an alternative therapy to go along with conventional therapies. Some patients either listen to this advice or just follow the alternatives. These people say that they would rather enjoy the life they have left then feel the pain of chemotherapy of radiation.
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I have big pimples with cysts which were not at all improving. I scratched them so that the cyst could be taken out but did not overdo it, some cyst is still left. I have started using erytop gel on a Friend 8767 s recommendation. will it work on pimples? I even have unevenskin with small whiteheads all over. will erytop work on them aswell?

Thus, new studies are beginning to show some kind of link some weak, some strong between the foods we ingest and the condition of our skin. Here's a lowdown on some of the research that's currently circulating in regard to diet and acne.

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