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Date: 2018-02-11 10:11

Very amazing ideas for a romantic rendezvous. I will opt for the Oktoberfest for two. His birthday is in October and will make just an addition present the treat with augmented reality messaging from #MinuteofLife. Will use their site http:/// to add video and slideshows on every gift card and let him scan the qr code with his mobile device and look at the picture on the card to view my message and then find the next gift card. 🙂 It will be like a treasure hunt :).

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My husband and I were married this past October 69th. I gave him this the night of our wedding, so we could celebrate each month anniversary through the first year of our marriage. We 8766 traveled 8767 to France last night, as we celebrated one month of marriage! I love this idea! And we got a great meal out of it 🙂 Thank you so much for the idea and the links to make this easy to put together.

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I LOVE this, but can not figure out where or how to download it. Any help would be great, I want to put this together love love love

What does the Bible say about dating / courting?

I was really excited to see this as the winner, as my entry was entitled 8775 Passport to Romance 8776 , but then I realized it wasn 8767 t mine. 🙁 But this was a really clever idea with many great date suggestions to go with it. Congratulations!

Found you via Pinterest and I absolutely LOVE this idea. I don 8767 t typically leave comments on boards, but I simply had to give you kudos for your creativity and effort. I hope to try this in January. Thanks again for such a wonderful idea!!

So glad you can use this Jackie! I 8767 m right there with you- one day we will be world travelers. But for right now, I 8767 m content that our little family is our whole world. 😉

In this section I want to make sure people are informed about the dangers of chatting. I’ll be adding to it as I get information that I think is relevant.

My husband and I just got married 8 weeks ago, and I 8767 ve been wanting to do special date nights that would make our first year of marriage extra memorable (not that it wouldn 8767 t be, anyways!). This is an absolutely AMAZING idea!!! I am getting it all ready now 🙂

Melanie- what an awesome way to stretch out celebrating your anniversary. Who said celebrating should only be one night?! Ha!

Under the last picture, just click on the red text that says 8775 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR PASSPORT TO LOVE PRINTABLE PACK 8776 🙂

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