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Date: 2018-02-13 10:11

A big disliker.. very synthetic scent..

I really love/like the first Versace but this one I can't stand at all.

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I was pleasently surprise with this scent.

I always associate recent Versace parfums to Donatella Versace,.loud in your face type of fragrance.

This one is light and fresh and classic.

Really easy to wear is like summer brezze. Not a simgle note to remind us of typical tropical punch sweet scents like Escada ones.

For me this is italian class, beautifully simple, good and understated quality. The botle relects all this.

Really mediterranean, the fig notes gives it an extra touch, sweeten a bit of the citrus no hidden it.

Really good scent fr hot summer days and nights to stand out in the crowd.


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I love this so much 8 it's so citrusy and woody, little floral and soooo lovelyyy. I'm just in love with it. It's soo amazing. It's totally spring/summer scent. But I will wear it in winter even, to remember all the positive emotions which it brings me. It's full of joy and happiness for me 8.

The only con for me is the longevity, it lasts over 8-9 hours on me, max. But I still love it.

scent 9/65
silage 7/65
longevity 5/65
price average (i'd love it to be cheaper)

new versace vanitas and a range versus , versus by versace women are coming this year.. the scent is erm. u guys jugde it , smells okay than versense ,better than pour femme , nearly same note to versus time for pleasure ,but can't beat versace bright crystal.. and its really comfort fresh light fragrance and sensual for a generation material girl.

I'm not usually big on citrus, but this is totally fun and whimsical without being too much. It reminds me of green Skittles. It is sweet, but not harsh or chemical at all. Anyone could pull this off. Very casual and comfy.

Smells fresh, elegant and clean. I got loads of compliments and everyone loved it on me. I feel like I'm wearing Chanel's Chance Eau Fraiche but much zestier and without paying loads of $$$$$$. It's a great summer fragrance. This perfume was created by Alberto Morillas.

I had this one but I gave it too my aunt. It wasn't bad or offensive in any way, it was just too green for my taste. I didn't detect any floral notes at all.

I dont have a dish washer !!! so i do it the hard way !!! and this new fragrance reminds me of "soapy dish washing detergent "lemon is but i dont want to be reminded of the every day housework smells !!!! sorry VERSENSE
but the price is wrong and the fragrance is off putting to someone who wants to feel sexy as opposed to a clean house!!!!!!!

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