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Date: 2018-02-08 14:33

Even though he doesn 8767 t want to see you, that doesn 8767 t mean you should have an abortion. Nor does it necessarily mean you would be in any legal trouble if he accused you of being too old to have sex with him, especially if he misled you about his age. You would need to talk to a lawyer, but I find it hard to believe that any judge or jury would punish you with jail time, nor would it effect his obligation to eventually pay child support. Underage laws are not often enforced, especially with a 66 year-old. In fact, I doubt that the four year difference in your ages constitute underage sex in any state... especially since he is over 65.

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Since I work with college students quite a bit, I have the chance to officiate a wedding from time to time. Aside from the actual pronouncement of marriage, my favorite part of the wedding ceremony is the giving away of the bride. In weddings I officiate, I spend an extra couple of minutes on the rite. Instead of simply asking, 8775 Who gives this woman to be married to this man? 8776 , I ask the father in front of the entire audience if he finds the man worthy to assume his role as protector, provider, and cherisher of his daughter. Then I ask the groom if he understands the role he is about to assume. Then I ask the bride if she is willing to honor her husband the way she has honored her father.

Neonatal morbidity according to gestational age and birth

It is no coincidence that the abortion rate and the domestic violence rate have risen almost side by side. Abortion, for both women and men, is associated with self-hatred, self-punishing behavior, and an increased tendency to act out anger and rage toward others.

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We love each other so much even our age are 6 year he is much to me
I am ready to give everything just to prove i love him my religion ,family,carrer,and my country

So, until that time comes, I encourage couples to avoid the terminology of 8766 boyfriend 8767 and 8766 girlfriend 8767 and, instead, simply say, 8775 Steve is the guy I 8767 m dating 8776 (or 8775 Sally is the girl I 8767 m dating 8776 ). There 8767 s nothing wrong with being a renter that wants to own his own place someday. Just don 8767 t kid yourself until that day comes.

You are also right that if she does have an abortion, it is far more likely to make her depression worse, not better. In the long run, having a child is more likely to help reduce the recurrence of depression. Abortion is more likely to make it worse. As you will also see on our web site, abortion is also more likely to lead to suicidal behaviors, especially for women with risk factors for more severe psychological problems associated with abortion which are in abundance in her case.

I just whant to know if in this time.. In Omani Law if Omani guy can be marry expat lady!! i guess it will be more clear to me to move on or just let it go

For me this was another situation where I managed to fall into shit and came out smelling like roses.  If you read here regularly for me such is a common situation.  I can only imagine how fucked someone with out half the luck I have would have been.  If I were you I would boycott Bank of America and Western Union cause both to me are inferior services whom do not deserve your patronage.

You need marriage counseling. And she may need individual counseling as well to better understand why this pregnancy filled her with such fear, panic, and depression.

Another woman above, suggested that life for women cannot change until freedom of thought and life occurs. But freedom brings responsibilities. As life is now for Omani and other Moslem women, as long as you follow the cultural and legal rules, usually you are protected and have security. But you give up individual freedoms for this. When you get more freedoms, you lose some of these protections. These are the choices and decisions that come with freedom.

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