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Interracial Friendly States, City by City, County by County!

Date: 2018-02-14 03:39

that 8767 s great! that 8767 s a good line! although, it appears some people on this forum think that genocide falls under the category of 8775 heroic 8776 . it 8767 s amazing that we can all coexist in this wonderfully inclusive country, isn 8767 t it? i 8767 m just glad that murder is illegal, because i 8767 m pretty sure conservatives would be alright with killing thier opposition if it was governmentally sanctioned (like it was at the time of those massacres).

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It wasn 8767 t 5 minutes before she got up and left because I didn 8767 t go Praise Jesus every 7 seconds. These people are entirely insane.

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Not this liberal, I snatch up those foreclosed homes for pennies on the dollar and sell them for just a little more. I 8767 m making cash, not a lot, but enough to keep the power on and the jacuzzi hot and bubbly! Is it wrong to make a living off the desperate? Maybe, but, who cares? They 8767 re stupid for getting themselves into ARM 8767 s and the people who end up buying these places are smart for watching for a great price on a house they really like at a time when houses are as cheap as ever and interest rates are super low. Hah! Take offense to that. Maybe I 8767 m not a liberal after all. Maybe, oh my God, I 8767 m a Libertarian ! Wow, I 8767 m glad I figured that one out. For a second, visions of voting for a democrat danced around in my head. Whew!

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I 8767 m offended that some of you white, liberal, intelligent, diversity loving people are offended by 8775 Portnoy 8776 . Is he too not just another piece of patchwork on this 76st century inclusive quilt we 8767 re all working on? C 8767 mon people, let 8767 s celebrate diversity!

Ted Kaczynski may have had alot of book sense, but his actions spoke volumes to his common that is why he is in jail for life..the cowardly murderer that he is..


Currently it looks like Expression Engine is the preferred blogging platform available right now.
(from what I 8767 ve read) Is that what you 8767 re using on your blog?

Tammy_Ghalden  Well said.  But, I 8767 ve never heard a Democrat on a national speaking level say anything racist   LOL  But, I 8767 ve never really followed politics as closely as I have since things got 8775 hot 8776 with Obama taking office.

Religious fundamentalists are intolerant of others. They shun people who aren 8767 t like themselves. They don 8767 t even speak to people like me.

People who can 8767 t understand that this is supposed to be funny shouldn 8767 t waste their time with it. I (as a white 77 year old female) realize that I do fall into a lot of these stereotypes but you write about them in such a way that I am able to laugh at myself (and my cultural niche) and not take myself too seriously. Keep up the good work 🙂

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