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Part 1 of 2: List of conservative Christian web sites

Date: 2018-02-12 18:55

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Well if you thought the old website was bad, you should try the new one. Please blog about that one too, as it sure is s**t!

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If tried in San Francisco, this social experiment could not be duplicated. Real Molokane would not divide and debate. Those asked would probably all stare at the person asking the silly non-sense question, and/or say: "Of course we are Christians " and, probably give the questioner a Christian lesson.

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Sir, you proved your point with concrete evidence and what does Eharmony do invoke their 8775 you violated TOS 8776 bullshit and closed you account. Congrats for spitting in the face of the corporate juggernaught and revealing the truth of this despicable industry.

Like many who have blogged here, I was in e-H for three months and after the first few days, absolutely hated it!! …Up to now, I have never met a single person, even though I have been introduced to over 6,555 women, and countless 8775 Stage Ones 8776 !!!

This has been eye opening reading this. I too have had a long and 8775 interesting 8776 history with eHarmony.
I am sad to say my totals are higher than Steve 8767 s.
It is very disappointing.

in more extreme cases, there is a new form of post modernism sexuality which is engendered not long ago and it 8767 s percolating in our society which is closely intertwined with the sprouting popularity of Yaoi. all hail the girlfags and guydykes!! do you actually think these two forms of pomosexuality are  embraced on a different plateau as auxiliary or appendant sexual identities or they can be embraced per se as a sexual orientation?

Oh Steve 😉 that was the best read I 8767 ve had in like forever it was so hilariously true I 8767 m on eharmony getting ready to get off and no not in a good way. It was very lame and your right you get past the stupid first question and then nothing but you see they have looked at your profile a half a dozen times geez either respond or move on already. Well if you had sent me a request I would have responded or I would have moved on but I 8767 m not one to sit and do nothing. Best of luck to you it looks like you got lots of responses now :-))

Thanks man. You saved my ass right before I sign this shit up.
Glad that your blog popped up first on google search.
I truly appreciate your brutal honest review/experience with eharmony.
Thank you and happy holidays!!

I have had the exact same experience as you. Except all the matches I get have no pics. And the ones that do never respond to my questions I 8767 ve sent. Huge waste of money!!!

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